International PHD Lab in Mathematics

The IPL-Maths is an intensive one-week program that will enable potential PhD supervisors and Master or young PhD students coming from France, Russia, Japan and other countries to discuss their research projects and the possibility of enrolling in an international joint-PhD or a co-directed thesis. Students and their potential PhD supervisors will more specifically get the opportunity to know one another better during scheduled speed meetings.
The IPL-Maths is organized as a side event of a scientific conference on Representation Theory of Lie groups, Mathematical Physics, and Combinatorics.
To facilitate the joint attendance of junior and senior researchers at the scientific conference, training courses will be offered by the key-speakers on their forthcoming exposés during the conference.


E. Feigin (NU HSE and Skoltech, Moscou) - Semi-infinite Pluecker relations
V. Gorbounov (U. Aberdeen and NU HSE, Moscou) - Electrical mathematics
V. Kirichenko (NU HSE and IITP, Moscow) - Newton-Okounkov convex bodies and representation theory
T. Kobayashi (U. Tokyo) - Symmetry breaking operators: general theory and concrete construction for reductive groups
S. Morier-Genoud (Paris-Sorbonne) - Continued fractions and combinatorics
V. Ovsienko (CNRS, Reims) - q-deformed rational numbers
A. Pasquale (U. de Lorraine) -Symmetric spaces, Fourier analysis and resonances
T. Przebinda (U. Oklahoma) - An elementary construction of the Weil representation
E. Smirnov (NU HSE and IUM, Moscou) - Schubert polynomials and toric degenerations of flag varieties
V. Timorin (NU HSE, Moscou) - Combinatorics of Gelfand-Zetlin polytopes
S. Yanagida (U. Nagoya) - Introduction to Hall algebras

Researchers can either individually register for the scientific conference or enroll, along with a student, in the whole IPL-Maths program.


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