There are several options for accommodation in France: CROUS university residences, private residences, hostels or private owners' accommodation.

The choice of accommodation depends on criteria such as budget, location and surface area.

To help you in your search and to better understand how renting works in France, the Euraxess France association suggests you to consult the HOUSING GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL RESEARCHERS

The Grand Reims and Ardenne Métropole also offer the Altas du logement étudiant (in French) which brings together in one catalogue all the possibilities for student accommodation .

Public University Halls of Residence

These public university halls of residence are managed by an agency known as the CROUS.

There are several university halls of residence in various districts in the cities of Reims, Troyes, Châlons-en-Champagne and Charleville-Mézières.

You will find a map of these halls of residence on this website with a presentation of each of them : Crous Reims - Carte des résidences.

Priority is given to students but depending on availability, non-student temporary residents may also be able to find accommodation here.

The price varies depending on the halls and the size of the accommodation, but this is the cheapest form of accommodation available; these halls of residence are mainly for low-income students.

To apply for accommodation in a CROUS hall of residence, you need to connect to the online booking plateform and follow the procedure :

The EURAXESS Service Center is available to help you find accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us !

Private University and Hotel Residences

For temporary or monthly accommodation, many student residences or private hotels offer furnished studios for students or researchers.

Find the list of residences in the Atlas du logement étudiant by the the Grand Reims and Ardenne Métropole.

Furnished accommodation on the private market

For longer stays or if you are here with your family, a more convenient solution would be to rent accommodation from a private landlord by contacting owners via the Internet or agency.

There are several websites that publish advertisements from private landlords to rent apartments or studio apartments, as well as house-sharing offers (several people renting an apartment or house together).

This is a very common way of finding longer-term accommodation in France.

Most landlords of private accommodation like to meet their future tenants, which is why it is best to plan to visit once you are in France. In this case, it is recommended to book temporary accommodation for the first few weeks in France in order to take time to visit and select the best accommodation.

You can find advertisements for accommodation from private landlords or professional letting agencies.

You can contact them by email or phone to arrange an appointment and visit the chosen apartment or studio apartment.

N.B. As pointed out in the Housing Guide for International Researchers if you go through a letting agency, you will have to pay agency fees.


Beware of rents that are too low - Beware of pictures that are too attractive - Never send money to a private individual before visiting the property

Other solutions for the first days after your arrival


The EURAXESS center is available to help you find accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us !