Health training

Health covers a vast field of application beyond the medical field alone but including fields as varied as biology, biophysics, biochemistry, biomaterials, bioinformatics, psychology, sport, etc. Thus several training courses of the URCA are concerned and professionalizing to exercise a profession related to Health:

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Studies in Biology, Psychology and Sport

The Bachelor, Master and Doctorate courses offered at the UFR Exact and Natural Sciences, at the UFR Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities as well as at the UFR Letters and Human Sciences allow access to professions ranging from the level technician at Teacher - Researcher level.

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Studies in Medicine, Odontology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Maieutics

The training courses provided at the Medicine UFR, Odontology UFR and Pharmacy UFR provide access to health careers through a Bachelor of Science in "Health Sciences" - Health Access.

For more information on one or more of its bio-medical fields as well as on the Doctorate in Fundamental Science and Health, click on the links below.

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UFR Medicine

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UFR Exact and Natural Sciences

UFR Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities (STAPS)

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