Industrial Research, Experimental Development - Valorisation and Innovation

Institut Carnot, MICA

The Carnot label aims to develop partnership research, that is to say the conduct of research carried out by public laboratories in partnership with socio-economic players, mainly companies. The Carnot label is awarded to public research structures, the Carnot Institutes, which simultaneously carry out upstream research activities capable of renewing their scientific and technological skills, and a proactive policy in terms of partnership research for the benefit of the socio-economic world. . Partnership research constitutes an important lever for the economy by promoting business innovation, a guarantee of competitiveness and growth. The Institut Carnot MICA (Materials Institute Carnot Alsace) is an industrial research structure which brings together specialists in functional materials, surfaces and interfaces ranging from research to application. It has seventeen members, including two URCA research laboratories (BIOS and ITheMM).

Regional competitiveness clusters, BIOVALLEY FRANCE et MATERALIA

A Competitiveness Cluster brings together companies, research laboratories and training establishments as well as associations in a given territory to develop synergies and cooperation. The aim is to foster innovation and generate growth. The BioValley France Competitiveness Cluster of the Health sector is a structure, in the Grand Est region, of economic support, led by healthcare manufacturers, for healthcare industries. Its experts in the fields of drugs and innovative therapies, medical technologies, diagnostics and e-health identify new opportunities for growth, financing and innovation for any company. The MATERALIA Competitiveness Cluster is the association of players in the Materials and Processes sector in the Grand Est region. It is at the interface between the world of research and the industrial world to promote the economic development of this sector in this given territory.

Technology Transfer Acceleration Company, SATT NORD

The Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SATT) are intended to bring together all of the university site development teams. in order to maximize the socio-economic impact of the results of academic research and promote job creation in France by simplifying, accelerating and facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge from public research to companies of all sizes.

SATT Nord, created on the scale of three territories (Hauts-de-France and Champagne-Ardenne) is a structuring tool for valuation at the service of researchers able to meet economic and societal needs in terms of technology transfer. It ensures the detection of projects, their maturation and their intellectual protection, until their commercialization by transfers or by the creation of companies for the local, national or international industrial fabric. The valuation strategy therefore intervenes from the upstream end of the innovation chain until its actual realization. It is thus a key player in innovation ecosystems.

Schéma d'un SATT (JPG 87Ko)

Grand E-Nov,the regional innovation agency

The services offered by the Grand E-Nov agency make it possible to cover a value chain ranging from the feasibility to the marketing of innovation projects. The support offer revolves around four areas: Support: analysis, advice, recommendations, preparation of funding files, information research, project management, Guide the ecosystem in order to facilitate the procedures: identify experts, put them in touch, facilitate the procedures, Associate and promote the innovation ecosystem of the Grand Est: universities, research centers, competitiveness clusters, Technological Resource Centers, incubators, Carnot Institute, Train talents: training offer in qualitative innovation and referenced Datadock.


The CREATIV'LABS university incubator is a support structure for entrepreneurship projects and the creation of materialized activity, aimed at promising students and companies (very young or still in creation) led by students or young graduates.

Innovact, incubator

The Innovact incubator is an independent association whose mission is to promote the emergence and marketing of innovative projects regardless of their sector of activity. Innovact is a key player in the territory of Reims by creating, establishing and developing sustainable innovative start-ups.

Village by CA Reims

The Village by CA is a business accelerator that connects start-ups with partners. Their mission is to allow start-ups to develop by finding sources of growth with partners and also to allow partners to find agility, inspiration or another way of operating. The Village by CA Reims welcomes a genuine ecosystem geared towards open innovation. Equipped with a particularly powerful device, it puts the spotlight on the knowledge economy, creativity and connectivity. Its aim is to promote and support innovation in the heart of the region in order to increase the attractiveness of the territory.