Erasmus+ teaching

Universités partenaires de notre UFR

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Si vous le souhaitez, chaque université partenaire peut vous accueillir une semaine (5j sur place et 2j de voyage) pour que vous y enseigniez 8h selon un programme défini avec leurs correspondants RI.

Il vous est demandé un niveau B2 minimum en anglais ou dans la langue du pays pour pouvoir enseigner dans ces universités.

Enseignements Erasmus+ effectués

My 3-day experience of Erasmus+ Program at the Faculty of Odontology of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, elapsed very well and exceeded my expectations. The receiving institution prepared a well-structured and intensive teaching program, with the opportunity to contact students from 4 different years, at diverse pedagogical environments. Insight into French teaching system and curriculum development was one of the main achievements of my mission. Sharing of pedagogical and professional experiences was very enriching. I must highlight the warmth way I was received both by the Dean Prof Pierre Millet and by the Erasmus department coordinator Prof Marjorie Cantener, and also by the Periodontology teaching team, namely Prof Julien Braux, Prof Marie Laure Jourdain, Dr Loic Pierrard and Dr Johan Sergheraert. After such a good experience, I definitively recommend this destination to colleagues and students who intend to exchange teaching experience and knowledge in France."

Prof. Isabel Poiares Baptista

I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and communication skills of the students at University of Reims! I appreciated the synergism between the Board of directors and the international relationships office to welcome me and organize all the details to make my visit to the FDR useful for both institutions."

Prof. João Miguel Santos