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Visit of the delegation of the United Association of Dentists in Kazakhstan, March 2023

An educational program for a group of students and teachers of dentistry faculties from Kazakhstan that was organised from March 14th to 20th in Germany, France and Belgium. This tour was meant to show them new equipment and directions in the dentistry sphere in these countries, thus allowing them to exchange experience, raise awareness of the recent trends in dentistry and learn about the achievements and best examples of foreign neighbors.

Stepping foot inside U.F.R. Odontologie was an experience that left a lasting impression on me. From the moment I entered the facility, I was struck by the palpable sense of passion and dedication to the field of dentistry that was evident in every aspect of the institution. The state-of-the-art facilities were impressive, and it was clear that every detail had been carefully designed to create an optimal learning environment for students. The expertise and enthusiasm for dentistry were infectious, and it was inspiring to see such accomplished professionals who were still so clearly devoted to their work. It was evident that they not only cared deeply about educating the next generation of dentists but also about providing the highest quality care to their patients. Overall, visiting U.F.R. Odontologie was a truly enlightening experience. I gained a deeper appreciation for the art and science of dentistry, and I left with a newfound respect for the level of dedication required to excel in this field. The commitment to excellence in education and patient care that was evident at U.F.R. Odontologie was truly inspiring, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to witness it firsthand.

Tuleutayeva SvetlanaDDS, PhD, professor of School of Dentistry, Medical university of Karaganda

EVP week, February 2020