Dear ECSBM participants,

Your arrival to Reims is imminent and we are of course looking forward to welcoming you here. We wish you a safe journey here and would like to give you some useful and practical information.

WEDNESDAY 31-AUG 2022 - Gala Dinner at Caveau Castelneau

As from 19h30, the conference dinner will take place in the “Caveau Castelnau” champagne house located at 9 rue Gosset, Reims. The dinner venue is easily accessible by foot from the Reims city centre (approximatively 20 minutes). For this event, a proper/formal dress will be appropriate.

gala dinner at Caveau Castelneau


Mask for lunch Monday and Tuesday

For lunch Monday and Tuesday, you are requested to wear a mask in the hospital cantine.


The conference will be held at the Reims Health Campus (Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Medicine, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne) located at the following adresses:

  • 1 avenue du Maréchal Juin 51100 Reims (access from tramway station)
  • 51 rue Cognacq-Jay 51100 Reims (access from bus station or access to car park)

Travel information:

You can come to the conference venue (1 AVENUE DU MARECHAL JUIN or 51 RUE COGNACQ-JAY 51096 REIMS) by Tramway lines A and B or by bus lines 4 and 7. Transport runs between 5h30 to 23h30. Time tables are available at each station.

Work on the Reims tram

We would like to draw your attention that there is currently (until Wednesday August 31) work on the tram lines. The line A is operational to come to the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (conference venue) from the "Vesle" station located close to the city center as indicated on this map.

Alternatively, two bus lines can reach the conference location: line 4 towards "Reims Hopital Debré" direction to the terminus or line 7 towards "Reims Apollinaire" direction (stop at "Reims Hopital Debré") . The map of transportation network ( is attached here.

Where to buy bus or tram tickets:

Tickets are available at the automatic vending machine at Tram stations (English version available). Single tickets can be bought on the bus.

If you arrive at the Reims Centre train station, you can purchase ticket at the tram station, situated within a short walk just opposite the road when you exit the front of the station.

If you arrive at the Champagne-Ardenne TGV train station (situated in Bezannes), you can take Tram line B to come to the venue (Arago stop and then walk up the road) or the city centre (Vesle stop, last stop due to work on the line).

You can buy tickets at this tram station.

An alternative from this train stations is to take the shuttle train that commutes to the Reims centre station. This option is often included when you buy train tickets.

Ticket prices:

Single ticket: 1€80; can be bought on the bus at 2€

A pack of 10X1H tickets: 13€20

All tickets are valid 1h only. Same tickets can be used on both the bus and tram. Please note that you also have the option to refill your ticket 4 times at the same vending machine.

Please remember to validate your ticket on the bus or tram at the start of each journey. Tickets are contactless.

Reims tourist office

For those who wish to spend more time visiting the city, you can connect to the Reims tourist office website or refer to the following leaflet (PDF, 21.0 Mo).

Regalia Light Show

Those of you arriving on Sunday 28th should take this unique opportunity to watch the breathtaking Regalia Light Show in front of the Reims Notre-Dame Cathedral (a few minutes walk from the city centre). Reims Cathedral is exalted by a sound and light show, an Immersive multimedia experience that is FREE!

Time: From 22:45 to 23:00 (Only Saturdays and Sundays).

Regalia show at the Saint-Remi Basilica, Reims: Thursday 1st September at 22H30.

Monday 29-AUG 2022 - Welcome reception at Reims city hall

ECSBM participants are invited at 18h30 to the welcome reception at the Reims City Hall, 9 place de l'Hôtel de Ville - Esplanade Simone Veil, Reims. The Reims City Hall is easily accessible by foot from the city centre (approximatively 10 minutes).

Welcome reception to the City Hall