Save the date ecsbm 2022

Updated information are available in "Programme", "Practical information" and "ECSBM 2022 Special Issue"

Conference starts: Monday 29th August morning

Conference ends: Thursday 1st September noon

Venue address:

  • 1 avenue du Maréchal Juin 51100 Reims (access from tramway station)
  • 51 rue Cognacq-Jay 51100 Reims (access from bus station or access to car park)


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Reims for the 19th edition of the ECSBM conference. After two long years of video conferencing, we are excited to see you in person again! Reims is recognized for certain tourist attractions such as the Champagne vineyards but is one of the cradles of research relating to optical spectroscopy techniques. For those who remember, the first edition of the ECSBM was organized in Reims in 1985! Our wish is that in 2022 we will meet to discuss the applications in biology and medicine of the variety of spectral techniques, not only optical but also mass spectrometry, NMR or EPR, and also to discover the latest methodological advances, in terms of instrumentation and chemometrics.

The conference offers a good setting for expert as well as young researchers from academia, industry and research institutes to discuss and share their findings and ideas in these areas., We therefore invite you to come to Reims from August 29 to September 1, 2022 to push the boundaries and gain in-depth biologically relevant insights in research, in a friendly atmosphere while respecting the the sanitary and protective measures in force. Here you will find the main information relating to the organization and your future participation in the conference.

Scientific themes

The scientific topics of the ECSBM conference span over a wide number of biological/biomedical applications in relation with the use of spectroscopic techniques in their diversity such as optical modalities, mass, NMR…

Below is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Molecular structures (biopolymers, assemblies…): interaction and dynamics
  • Biomedical spectrometry and imaging
  • Pharmaceutical science and Cosmetics
  • Forensics
  • Global health: Food and Environment (microbiology, plant …)
  • New methodologies and advances (instrumentation, chemometrics…)


For any request, please contact us at:


The organising committee thanks Richard Marchal and Reims Tourism Office for kindly supplying the photos.