Publications Année 2010

Voici la liste des dernières publications des 3 équipes constitutives du LRN :

Année 2010

K. Gacem, A. El Hdiy and M. Troyon, I. Berbezier and A. Ronda, «Conductive AFM microscopy study of the carrier transport and storage in Ge nanocrystals grown by dewetting», Nanotechnology 21(2010) 065706. IF=3.137

F. Abbes, M. Troyon, J. M. Meza and S. Potiron, «Finite element analysis of the penetration depth/tip radius ratio dependence on the correction factor β in instrumented indentation of
elastic-plastic materials», J. Micromech. Microeng. 20 (2010) 065003. IF=1.997

M. Krzeminski, M. Molinari, M. Troyon and X. Coqueret, «Calorimetric characterization of the heterogeneities produced by the radiation-induced cross-linking polymerization of aromatic diacrylates», Macromolecules 43 (2010) 3757-3763. IF=4.539

K. Smaali, A. El Hdiy, M. Molinari and M. Troyon, «Band-Gap Determination of the Native Oxide Capping Quantum Dots by Use of Different Kinds of Conductive AFM Probes: Example of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots», IEEE Trans. Electron. Dev. 57 (2010) 1455-1459. IF=2.445.

A. El Hdiy, S. Mouetsi, «identification of traps in an epitaxied AlGaAs/GaAs/ AlGaAs quantum well structure», J. Appl. Phys. 108 (2010) 034513/1-4. IF=2.072.

T. Courant, V.G. Roullin, C. Cadiou, F. Delavoie, M. Molinari, M.C. Andry, V. Gafa and F. Chuburu, «Vectorization of copper complexes via biocompatible and biodegradable PLGA nanoparticles», Nanotechnology 21 (2010) 165101. IF=3.137

A. Majchrowski, J. Ebothé, J. Sanetra, K. Ozga, I. V. Kityk, A. H. Reshak, T. Lukasiewicz, M.G. Brik, «Influence of the Tm+3 concentration on the nonlinear optical effects of the BiBO:Tm+3 glass Nanoparticle- doped polymer», J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 43 (2010) 015103. IF=2.077

R. Miedziński, J. Ebothé, I. Fuks-Janczarek, I.V. Kityk, A. Majchrowski, R. Weglowski, S.J. Klosowicz, «Optically induced changes of absorption in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals doped with inorganic nanocrystals», J. Mater. Sci.: Mater. Electron., 21(2010) 659–665. IF=1.029.

A.H. Reshak, J. Ebothé , A. Wojciechowski, W. Kuznik and A. Popeda, «Optically stimulated non-linear optics effects in semiconducting nano-crystallites», Physica E 42 (2010) 1769-1771. IF=1.177.

J. Li, Y. Pan, Q. Liu, K. Yu-Zhang, N. Menguy, R Che, H. Qin, et al., «Biomineralization, crystallography and magnetic properties of bullet-shaped magnetite magnetosomes in giant rod magnetotactic bacteria», Earth Planet.Sci. Lett. 293 (2010) 368-376. IF=4.062

K. Zhu, H. Pan, J. Li, K. Yu-Zhang, S-D. Zhang, W-Y. Zhang, K. Zhou, et al., «Isolation and characterization of a marine magnetotactic spirillum axenic culture QH-2 from an intertidal zone of the China Sea», Res. Microbiol. 161 (2010) 276-283.

M. Queste, C. Cadiou, B. Pagoaga, L. Giraudet, N. Hoffmann, «Synthesis and characterization of 1,7-disubstituted and 1,6,7,12-tetrasubstituted perylenetetracarboxy-3,4:9,10-diimide derivatives», New J. Chem. (2010) (sous presse) IF=3.006.

O. Simonetti, L. Giraudet, T. Maurel, J.-L. Nicolas, A. Belkhir, «Organic transistor model with nonlinear injection: effects of uneven source contact on effective mobility and threshold voltage», Organic Electronics 11 (2010) 1381-1393. IF=3,26.

K. Ozga, J. Ebothé , H. Nguyen Cong, D. Martel, W. Gruhn, J. Pisarek and I. V. Kityk, «Bicoloroptical treatment of multi-layers film samples», Int J. Mod. Phys. B 24 (2010) 937-942.

A. Rakovich, A. Sukhanova, N. Bouchonville, E. Lukashev,V. Oleinikov, M. Artemyev, V. Lesnyak, N. Gaponik, M. Molinari, M. Troyon, Y.P. Rakovich, J.F. Donegan, and I. Nabiev, «Resonance energy transfer improves the biological function of bacteriorhodopsin within a hybrid material built from purple membranes and semiconductor quantum dots » Nano Letters. 10 (2010) 2640-2648. IF= 9.991

X. Coqueret, M. Krzeminski, M. Molinari, M. Troyon, "Characterization by atomic force microscopy of the nanoheterogeneities produced by the radiation-induced crosslinking polymerization of aromatic diacrylates" Macromolecules, sous presse, ID: ma-2010-01615k.R1. IF=4,539.

V. Mancier, C. Rousse-Bertrand, J. Dille, J.Michel, P. Fricoteaux, “Sono and electrochemical synthesis and characterization of copper core-silver shell nanoparticles”, Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 17 (2010) 690-696. IF=2.796

JM. Zahm, F. Delavoie, F. Toumi, B. Nawrocki-Raby, C. Kileztky, J. Michel, G. Balossier, W. Malcolm, M. Johnson, C. Coraux, P. Birembaut, « Long acting beta2-agonist and corticosteroid restore airway glandular cell function altered by bacterial supernatant » Respiratory Research, 11 (2010) 6-20. IF=3.874

G. Rousserie, A. Sukhanova, K. Even-Desrumeaux, F. Fleury, P. Chames, D. Baty, V.A. Oleinikov, M. Pluot, J. H. M. Cohen and I. Nabiev, “Semiconductor quantum dots for multiplexed bio-detection and cancer diagnosis on solid-state microarrays”. Crit. Rev. Oncol. Hematol. 74 (2010) 1-15. IF=5.269

W. Mahmoud, A. Sukhanova, V. A. Oleinikov, Yu. Rakovich, J. F. Donegan, M. Pluot, J. H. M. Cohen and I. Nabiev, “Emerging applications of fluorescent nanocrystals quantum dots for micrometastases detection”. Proteomics 10 (2010) 700-716. IF=4,426.

Nabiev, I., Rakovich, A., Sukhanova, A., Lukashev, E., Zagidullin, V., Pachenko, V., Rakovich, Y., Donegan, J.F., Rubin, A.B. and Govorov, A.O. “Fluorescent quantum dots as artificial antennas for enhanced light harvesting and energy transfer to photosynthetic reaction centers”. Angewandte Chemie Intl Ed. (2010) DOI: 10.1002/anie.201003067. IF=11.829

J. Namur, M. Wassef, J. M. Millot, A. Lewis, M. Manfait and A. Laurent, “Drug eluting beads for liver embolization: concentration of doxorubicin in tissue and in beads in a pig model”. J. Vasc. Interv. Radiol. 21 (2010) 259-67.

B. Donvito, D. Monnet, T. Tabary, E. Delair, M. Vittier, B. Réveil, C. Chiquet, A. P. Brézin and J. H. M. Cohen, “A new HLA extended haplotype containing the A*2910 allele is also associated with birdshot retinochoroidopathy and narrows susceptibility to the disease to the HLA molecule itself”. Invest. Oftalmol. Vis. Sci. 51 (2010), 2525-2528. IF=3.431

B. Pham, A. Kisserli, B. Donvito, V. Duret, B. Reveil, T. Tabary, P.-Y. Le Pennec, P. Rouger and J. H. M. Cohen, “Analysis of complement receptor type 1 expression on erythrocytes in negative phenotypes of the Knops blood group system, according to CR1 gene allotype polymorphisms”. Transfusion, 50, 2010, 1435-1443. IF=3.475

A. Kisserli, C.D. Muller, B. Donvito, A. Gimenez, N. Godin, M. Tonye Libyh, V. Duret, B. Reveil, F. Philbert, T. Tabary and J.H.M. Cohen. “Structure and surface distribution of erythrocyte CR1 molecular species in Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)”. Mol. Immunol, 2010, sous presse. IF= 3,232