The Chairs

The AEBB Cluster has five research chairs:

► The white biotechnology chair: Agro-ressources FERmentation Enzymes (AFERE), attached to the FARE Joint Research Unit (INRA), and a member of CEBB at Pomacle.
► The AQUASURV chair, which is developing tools for biomonitoring aquatic environments and is attached to the SEBIO (INERIS) Joint Research Unit.
► The industrial chair, C2I2 Supercomputing and Industry, attached to the CReSTIC research unit.
► The MAgICS chair: Molecular Modelling and Agro-resources, Ingredients, Cosmetics and Healthcare, attached to the MEDyC (CNRS) Joint Research Unit.
► The MALDIVE chair, which studies grapevine trunk diseases, attached to the RIBP research unit.

Chaires AEBB (PNG, 156 Ko)


The AEBB Cluster’s research chairs create links between academic research and industry.

They help to provide concrete responses to the needs of industrial partners and the community. This enables them to remain competitive in a constantly changing environment.

In this context, industrial partners or the community undertake to provide researchers with high added-value data. In return, the research team is committed to mobilising the resources and skills needed to develop new knowledge with the aim of obtaining results in line with strategic priorities defined in advance.

In short, research chairs are facilities that are mutually beneficial to the University, to businesses and to communities.