Technology platforms

The AEBB cluster boasts 5 open, collaborative platforms offering high-level technological expertise.

The platforms are open to all URCA research teams, to academic teams from outside URCA, and to industry.

• CERFE Centre for Research and Training in Ecoethology: field station dedicated to ecoethology.
• MobiCyte: technical platform dedicated to environmental cytometry.
• PlAneT: technical platform dedicated to the analysis of molecular compounds and to the energetic transformation of biomolecules and their derivatives.

The three aforementioned platforms are grouped together under the name ‘AEBB platform’.

• MaSCA (Champagne-Ardenne Simulation Centre): platform dedicated to High Performance Computing (ROMEO): imaging and multiscale molecular modelling.
• NANO’MAT: technology platform dedicated to nanomanufacturing and nanocharacterisation.