Publications 2011

1. "Continuous-wave quantum cascade lasers absorption spectrometers for trace gas deteciton in the atmosphere"
L. Joly, V. Zéninari, T. Decarpenterie, J. Cousin, B. Grouiez, D. Mammez, G. Durry, M. Carras, X. Marcadet, B. Parvitte.
Acceptée à Laser Physic

2. "Study of a thermophysical system with two time constants using an open photoacoustic cell"
B. Bonno, V. Zéninari, L. Joly, B. Parvitte.
Acceptée à International Journal of Thermophysic

3."First assignment of the 5v4 and v2+4v4 band systems of 12CH4 in the 6287-6550 cm-1 region"
J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer., 112 (1) p28-40 (2011)

4. "D_2hTDS-ST software for Stark Spectrum Simulation of X_2Y_4 Asymmetric Molecules"
M. Sanzharov, M. Rotger, Ch. Wenger, M. Loëte, V. Boudon et A. Rouzée.
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, accepté (2011).

5. "Are ab initio quantum chemistry methods able to predict vibrational states up to the dissociation limit for multi-electron molecules close to spectroscopic accuracy?"
P.G.Szalay, F.Holka, J.Fremont, M.Rey, K.A.Peterson, V.G.Tyuterev.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. , DOI: 10.1039/C0CP01334J (2011).

6. "Rotational and vibrational energy levels of methane calculated from a new potential energy surface"
A. V. Nikitin, ., M. Rey, Vl. G. Tyuterev.
Chem. Phys. Letters., 501, 179-186 (2011)

7. "Accurate determination of the adiabatic potential energy function and the Born-Oppenheimer breakdown corrections for the electronic ground state of LiH isotopologues"
F. Holka, P. G. Szalay, J. Fremont, M. Rey, K. A. Peterson, V. G. Tyuterev.
J. Chem. Phys., acceptée (2011).

8. "Tunable diode laser measurement of pressure-induced shift coefficient of CO2 around 2.05 µm for Lidar application"
J. Li, G. Durry, J. Cousin, L. Joly, B. Parvitte, P. Flamant, F. Gibert and V. Zeninari.
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer , in press, 2011.

9. "An overview of the HIBISCUS campaign"
J-P. Pommereau, A. Garnier,G. Held, A.M. Gomez, F. Goutail, G. Durry, F. Borchi, A. Hauchecorne, N. Montoux, P. Cocquerez, G. Letrenne, F. Vial, A. Hertzog, B. Legras, I. Pisso, J.A. Pyle, N.R.P. Harris, R.L. Jones, A.D. Robinson, G. Hansford, L. Eden, T. Gardiner, N. Swann; B. Knudsen, N. Larsen, J.K. Nielsen, T. Christensen, F. Cairo, F. Fierli, M. Pirre, V. Marecal, N. Huret, E.D. Riviere, H. Coe, D. Grosvenor, K. Edvarsen, G. Di Francesco, P. Ricaud, J.-J. Berthelier, M. Godefroy, E. Seran, K. Longo, ans S. Freitas.
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 11, 2309-2339, 2011.

10. "Development of a versatile atmospheric N2O sensor based on quantum cascade laser technology at 4.5 µm"
L. Joly, T. Decarpenterie, N. Dumelie, X.Thomas, I. Mappe-Fogaing, D.Mammez, R. Vallon, G. Durry, B.Parvitte, M.Carras, X. Marcadet and V. Zeninari.
Applied Physics B, in press, 2011.

11. "Spectroscopy of CH4 with a Difference Frequency Generation laser at 3.3 micron for atmospheric application",
M. Ghysels, L. Gomez, J. Cousin, N. Amarouche, H. Jost and G. Durry,
Applied Physics B: Volume 104, Issue 4 (2011), Page 989-1000

12. "Preliminary assignments of 2v3-v4 hot band of 12CH4 in the 2 µm transparency window from long-path FTS spectra",
Nikitin, A.V., Daumont, L., Thomas, X., Régalia, L., Rey, M., Tyuterev, Vl.G., Brown, L.R..
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, Volume 268, Issues 1-2, July-August 2011, Pages 93-106

13. "Losses of dissolved CO2 through the cork stopper during champagne aging: toward a multi-parameter modeling"
G. Liger-Belair, S. Villaume
J. Agric. Food Chem. 59, 4051-4056, 2011.

14. "Simultaneous monitoring of gaseous CO2 and ethanol above champagne glasses via micro gas chromatography"
C. Cilindre, A. Conreux, G. Liger-Belair
J. Agric. Food Chem. 59, 7317-7323, 2011.

15. "Metabolic influence of Botrytis cinerea infection in Champagne base wine"
Y.-S. Hong, C. Cilindre, G. Liger-Belair, P. Jeandet, N. Hertkorn, P. Schmitt-Kopplin
J. Agric. Food Chem. 59, 7237-7245, 2011.

16. "Unraveling the evolving nature of gaseous and dissolved CO2 in champagne, from the bottle to the tasting glass : A state-of-the-art review"
G. Liger-Belair, M. Bourget, H. Pron, G. Polidori, V. Zeninari
Anal. Chim. Acta, in press, 2011.

17. "Comparison of classical, semiclassical and quantum methods in hydrogen broadening of acetylene lines"
Franck Thibault, Sergey V. Ivanov, Oleg G. Buzykin, Laura Gomez, Miguel Dhyne, Pierre Joubert, Muriel Lepere
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, Volume 112, Issue 9, June 2011, Pages 1429-1437.
doi: 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2011.02.011

18. "Comparison of quantum, semiclassical and classical methods in hydrogen broadening of nitrogen lines"
Laura Gomez, Sergey V. Ivanov, Oleg G. Buzykin, Franck Thibault.
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, Volume 112, Issue 12, August 2011, Pages 1942-1949.
doi : 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2011.04.005

19. "Dual origin of aerosols in Titan's detached haze layer"
T. Cours, J. Burgalat, P. Rannou, S. Rodriguez, A. Brahic and R.A. West
Astrophysical Journal Letters, 741 L32
doi :10.1088/2041-8205/741/2/L32

20. "The heterogeneous photo-oxidation of difénoconazole in the atmosphere"
Al Rashidi M., El Mouden O., Chakir A., Roth E., Salghi R., Atmospheric Environment, 45 (2011) 5997-6003.

21. "Electrooxidation of Bupirimate : A Comparative Study of SnO2 and Boron Doped Diamond Anodes",
Errami M., Salghi E., Abidi N., Bazzi L., Hammouti B., Chakir A., Roth E., Al-Deyablnt S. S.,
J. Electrochem. Sci., 6 (2011) 4927-4938.

22. "The 2010 European Venus Explorer (EVE) mission proposal"
Wilson C.F., Chassefière, E. and 166 co-authors,
Experimental Astronomy, {accepted}, (2011).

23. "Applications of a new set of methane line parameters to the modeling of Titan's spectrum in the 1.58-micron window",
De Bergh, C., R. Courtin, B. B\'ezard, A. Coustenis, E. Lellouch M. Hirtzig, P. Drossart, A. Campargue, S. Kassi, L. Wang V. Boudon A. Nikitin, V. Tyuterev and P. Rannou,
Planetary and Space Science, {In press}, (2011).

24. "Titan's cloud activity from winter to spring with Cassini/VIMS"
Rodriguez, S., Le Mouélic, S., Rannou, P., Sotin, C., Brown, R.H., Barnes, J.W., Griffith, C.A., Burgalat, J., Baines, K.H., Buratti, B.J., Clark, R.N. and Nicholson, P.D.,
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25. "Dissipation of Titan's North Polar Cloud at Northern Spring Equinox",
Le Mouélic, S., Rannou, P., Rodriguez, S., Sotin, C., Griffith, C., Le Corre, L., Barnes, J., Brown, R.H., Baines, K.H., Buratti, B., Clark, R.N., Nicholson, P.D. and Tobie, G.,
Planetary and Space Science, {In press}, (2011).

26. "Titan's lakes chemical composition : sources of uncertainties and variability"
Cordier, D., Mousis, O., Lunine, J.I., Lebonnois, S., Rannou, P.,
Lavvas, P., Lobo, L.Q., and Ferreire, A.G.L.,
Planetary and Space Science,
doi:10.1016/j.pss.2011.05.009, (2011).

27. "The Evolution of Titan's Detached Haze near Equinox in 2009",
West, R.A., Balloch, J., Dumont, P., Lavvas, P., Lorenz, R., Rannou, P.,
Ray, R., and Turtle, E.,
Geophysical Research Letter, 38, L06204, doi:10.1029/2011GL046843, (2011).

28. "Self induced pressure shift and temperature dependence measurements of CO2 at 2.05 micron with a tunable diode laser spectrometer",
J. Li, G. Durry, J. Cousin, L. Joly, B. Parvitte and V. Zeninari,
Spectrochimica Acta Part A, in press, 2011.

29. "Ab initio effective rotational Hamiltonians: a comparative study"
P. Cassam-Chenai, Y. Bouret, M. Rey, S. A. Tashkun, A. V. Nikitin and Vl. G. Tyuterev
Int. J. Quant. Chemistry, XX (2011) XX-XX

30."The 2009 edition of the GEISA spectroscopic database"
N. Jacquinet-Husson, L. Crepeau, R. Armante, C. Boutammine, A. Chedin, N.A. Scott, C. Crevoisier, V. Capelle, C. Boone, N. Poulet- Crovisier, A. Barbe, A. Campargue, Y. Benilan, D. C. Benner, B. Bézard, V.Boudon, L. R. Brown, L.H.Coudert, A.Coustenis, V. Dana, S. Fally, A. Fayt, J.-M. Flaud, A. Goldman, M. Herman, G.J. Harris, D. Jacquemart, A. Jolly, I. Kleiner, A.Kleinböhl, F. Kwabia-Tchana, N. Larenjeva, N. Lacome, J-Y. Mandin, A. Maki, V. Malathy Devi, S. Mikhailenko, C. E. Miller, N. Moazzen-Ahmadi, A. Nikitin, J. Orphal, V. Perevalov, A. Perrin, D. T. Petkie, A. Predoi-Cross, C.P. Rinsland, J. Remedios, M. Rotger, K. Sung, S.Tashkun, J. Tennyson, R.A. Toth, A-C. Vandaele, J. Vander Auwera, L-H Xu.
JQSRT, Volume 112, Issue 15, October 2011, Pages 2395-2445

31. "Measurement and assignment of new bands in CW-Cavity Ring down spectra of 16O3 up to 7300cm-1."
A. Barbe, M.-R. De Backer-Barilly, Vl. G. Tyuterev, S. Kassi, A.Campargue.
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, in press, 2011.

32. "Cloud and haze in the winter polar region of Titan observed with VIMS onboard Cassini",
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34. "Detection and analysis of new bands of 16O3 by CRDS between 6500 and 7300 cm-1"
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Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, Volume 269, Issue 2, p. 175-186.
DOI : 10.1016/j.jms.2011.06.005