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Director of the GSMA laboratory- UMR 7331 since 01/01/2018

Professor (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne)

Section CNU: 30

Section CNRS: 04


Director of the GSMA laboratory since 01/01/2018
Director of the Physics department in Reims from 2014 to 2018
Since 2008: Professor (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne)
Dec. 2004: Habilitation thesis to supervise research (LICB, Dijon)
1990- 2008: Associate Professor (University of Burgundy)
Feb. 1990: PhD in laser and optics in Laboratory SMIL (Dijon)
Sept. 1987: Engineer diploma (ENSI CAEN) and DEA degree in Instrumentation in Physics in University of Caen

Responsible of the preparation year to « Agrégation » in Physics and Chemistry in Reims from 2008 to 2016
Lead guest editor for Journal of Spectroscopy (JQSRT)
Member of the scientific advisory board of french research network (JSM)
Member of the HITRAN scientific committee


Sept. 2018 - dec. 2018, Fadoua Hmida (100%) postdoc CNRS
High Resolution FTIR Spectroscopy of SO2F2

Since april 2018, Nawel Dridi (50% - Pr. Hassen Aroui, University of Tunis)
Line profiles of CH3Cl perturbed by O2, N2 and itself

Since april 2016, Manel Mattoussi (50% - Pr. Hassen Aroui, University of Tunis)
Infrared Absorption High Resolution Spectroscopy of CF4

Since dec. 2015, Arwa Boughdiri (50% - Pr. Hassen Aroui, University of Tunis)
Determination of spectroscopic parameters of ro-vibrational lines of methyl iodide CH3I by Infrared spectroscopy.

Dec. 2014 - end 2017, Fadoua Hmida (50% - Pr. Hassen Aroui, University of Tunis)
High Resolution FTIR Spectroscopy of SO2F2

Nov. 2013 - end 2016, Abdulsamee Alkadrou (70% - Pr. M.-R. De Backer, GSMA)
High Resolution Spectroscopy of ozone and C2H4

Oct. 2007 - july 2011, Anthony Ballandras (50% - Dr. G. Weber, University of Burgundy)
Contribution and limitation of infrared spectroscopy technique to understand physisorption processes on MFI zeolites

Oct. 2006 - end 2010, Maxim Sanzharov (50% - Pr. M. Loëte, University of Burgundy)
Rovibrational spectroscopy of ethylene: Stark effect: application to ethylene in zeolites

Sept. 2002 - oct. 2005, Wilfried Raballand (50% - Pr. M. Loëte, University of Burgundy)
Rovibrational and Stark spectroscopy of the X2Y4 molecules: application to ethylene


Experimental Spectroscopy, Low and High Resolution Spectroscopy of Hexafluorides, Experimental Absorption Laser Diode Spectroscopy, Photoacoustic spectroscopy, Theoretical Spectroscopy of Quasi-Spherical Molecules (SO2F2), Experimental and Theoritical Spectroscopy Molecules trapped in Nanoporous Solids, Theoretical Spectroscopy of C2H4, Spectrum Analysis of C2H4, VAMDC, HITRAN, GEISA Databases.