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Welcome to the website of the RIBP lab, member of SFR Condorcet

Since the Covid-19 breakout, as many other science laboratories in the world, we had to find ways to cope with this new situation.

Our staff members were exemplary as they manage to carry on both their teaching and research missions. This period was also marked by changes of management and of status.

Following his nomination as Vice President of the University in charge of the AEBB and SHS research comity, Pr. Christophe Clément was replaced by Dr. Cédric Jacquard as Director of the RIBP lab and Pr. Florence Fontaine as Deputy Director on September 2020 (and director of MALDIVE Chair). The RIBP lab was also appointed by INRAE as a contractualized research lab (USC 1488) on January 1st 2021 tied to the SPE Department and the INRAE Center Grand Est - Nancy.

Our research activities remain unchanged. We are still focused on the understanding of plant innate immunity. Using various research approaches (molecular, physiological and biochemical), we study, how, when and where plant defence are raised following biotic or abiotic stresses and how efficient they are. We then translate this fundamental approach into strategies of plant defence stimulation based on biocontrol agents such as elicitors (axis 1) and beneficial bacteria (axis 2). We also investigate whether these strategies might affect plant physiology and carbon metabolism, the energy source for yield and plant defence, which are strongly affected by environmental stresses and global warming (axis 3).

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