Immunity and beneficial microorganisms

Fungal diseases symptoms in grapevine

Inducing plant resistance to pathogens using Beneficial microorganisms (BMO) or their derivatives is a promising strategy for sustainable agriculture. It is partly based on activation of plant immune responses. These methods are efficient to control several fungal-associated diseases but the mechanisms involved are not fully understood. Our researches aim at identifying molecular, biochemical and cellular events involved in BMO-induced resistance towards plant pathogens. Our study encompass several fungal diseases (downy mildew, grey rot and botryospheria dieback) on several plant models (thale crest, tomato, rapeseed and grapevine).

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Our key biological questions

  • What are the BMOs traits involved in plant colonization and immunity activation?
  • Which signaling pathways regulate BMO-induced resistance?
  • Can we secure BMO-induced resistance specific markers (genes, proteins or metabolites)?
  • Is there a trade-off between growth and BMO-induce resistance?
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Our key results

We isolated phyllospheric and rhizospheric bacteria able to induce systemic resistance (Trotel-Aziz et al. 2008).

We identified bacterial traits (MAMPs) involved in beneficial microbes recognition (Verhagen et al. 2010 ; Sanchez et al. 2012…).

We identified beneficial bacteria involved able to trigger both a local immune response and a priming state (Verhagen et al. 2011 ; Gruau et al. 2015).

Induce-resistance toward B. cinerea includes priming of carbon metabolism (Miotto-Vilanova et al. 2016).

Induce systemic resistance towards B. cinerea is associated with secondary metabolism activation and reduced cell death (Gruau et al. 2015 ; Aziz et al. 2016).

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