Internships / Final Year Projects

Internships / Final Year Projects

Internships / Graduation Projets

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During their studies, the students at ESIReims complete two industrial internships and one graduation project.By getting over one year of professional experience in different companies and business sectors, each student can develop a career plan. Progressively, the student takes charge of his/her own training and directs his/her choices towards future goals.

The internships can be done in France and abroad (Europe,the U.S.A., Canada, Thailand etc.)


Any industrial topicrelated to the School's specialist areas (packaging and thermal-energetics) can become a subject for an internship.

The internship and project co-ordinator can help our business partners decide which year group is best suited to their requirements and how to finalise their needs.

The choice between first year or second year internships is based on the skills required to fulfil the mission, the calendar and the experience of the potential candidates.


Send a letter or email to our co-ordinator giving details of the internship.These details should include a well-identified title, the name of the company, a description of the tasks to be completed in as much detail as possible, and the necessary contact details.

After approval of the internship by the Internship Officer, the proposal is submitted to the ESIReims engineering students, who will then contact your company. Once you have recruited an intern, an internship contract is concluded between ESIReims and your company. Our team is available at any time to answer your questions at any time.

As there are only a limited number of students at ESIReims, we strongly recommend that you send your internship offers as soon as possible, from September onwards.

Assessment and supervision of Internships

The Internships are supervised by an industrial supervisor and an academic supervisor, the students have to hand out a written report and sustain an oral presentation front of a jury made up of industrial and academic members.

Confidentiality of Results

If necessary, the report and/or oral examination of the internship can be made confidential.

Graduation Projects

During the third- fianl- year, of curriculum, a graduation project is carried out and it is subject to special financial conditions.

This iis a full mission given by an industrialist and carried out by one or more students. The cost of this service is defined on the human and material cost.

ESIReims graduation projects are completed in the third year from April to the end ofJuly or August. They require a minimum of 640 hours’ work spread over 16 weeks minimum.

The graduation projects may be proposed by industralists or professional organisations. A book of specification and a specific agreement are set up beforehand, and the projects are supervised by both a professional and member of the teaching staff from ESIReims

Their aim is to provide a positive and adequate answer to the compagny's required missions:

Example of some missions:

- Packaging Thermal-Energetics:

- Creation or optimisation of packaging, - Design and optimisation of thermal systems,

- Audit of packaging performance, - Thermal measurements,

- Environmental impact, - Industrial thermal procedures,

- Updating of testing methods, - Calculations and digital simulations,

- Material research, - Energy reports,

- Migration/ permeability, - Management of energy resources,

- Monitoring of technology... - Monitoring of technology...

The project is assessed by a written report and oral examination in front of a mixed academic and professional jury.

Contact for information and proposing an internship:

Marie Le Baillif: Internship and Project Coordinator:

Veronique BAN:

Tel: +33(0)326 913 757