Admission conditions

ESIReims, the Engineering School from the University of Reims,

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- Two different Master's degrees:

in Packaging Engineering and in Energy Engineering


1/ You have already studied two or three years in Higher education:

· You will enter the first year out of the three of the engineering curriculum

· Selection is done on records and interview.

· Background in Higher education : two or three years in scientific or technical studies (mathematics/physics/ biology /mechanical engineering... ..)

· HND : Physics and measurements, packaging technology , materials, thermal and energetic engineering, mechanical and product engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry,......

2/ You have already a Master degree

· You will enter the second year of the three in the engineering curriculum

* Selection is done on records and interview.


ESIReims is a State engineering school. The tuition fees are the same as those of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.


• Mid-March: Deadline for applications

• End of March: The ESIReims admission committee reviews the applicants'files and selects the candidates to be interviewed.

• Mid-June: ESIReims entrance interviews

• End of June: Final result sent by post and email.


Download it from the site:

The Applications should be sent before 15 March


Admissions Office: Ms Sophie Gérin:

Admissions Officer:Mr Pascal Vasseur :


ESIReims welcomes foreign students who wish to train as packaging or thermal-energy engineers.

They are subject to the same academic regulations and have participate in the same internships as French students. They must:

- Have studies a minimum of two or three years in higher Education in scientific and technical fields of: maths, physics, chemistry, material science, biology, mechanics etc.

- Have good command of the French language to be able to take classes (Level B2 of the Common European Framework of References for languages).

ESIReims, as part of the Université de Reims, is a member of the Campus France network ( This organisation helps you to complete all of the administrative requirements needed to study in France, such as admissions, CEF (Centre pour les Etudes en France) applications, visas etc.

In some countries outside of Europe, the Centres pour les Etudes en France (CEF: Centre for Studies in France) help you to prepare yourself to study in France.

• If you are from a country which is part of the CEF procedure, please contact CEF.

• If you are from a country which is not part of the CEF procedure, please contact the French Embassy.

For more information, please visit the Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne website:, "Venir à l'URCA[CB1] " section.