#2 edition - January 17th, 2023

#2 edition

The second edition of the Scientific Webinar series between LUKE & URCA took place on January 17th, 2023. It gathered more than 75 attendees.

Researchers presented their work on « Fiber Biomass valorization in soil fertilisation, materials and energy » .

Invited Speakers



Principal Scientist, Biomass characterization and properties, Production Systems, Natural Resources Institute Finland - LUKE

« Alternative plant fibres in paper and paper board »

Presentation shows an example of the cascade use of biomass. Side products from agriculture and food processing could be used for innovative packaging material and even improve some properties. The product itself is a narrative of circular economy.

Bernard KUREK

Bernard Kurek

Research Director, Fractionation of AgroResources and Environment, UMR INRAE 614 FARE - URCA

« The field retting is an essential process in the hemp industry that impact greatly the fiber quality »

The presentation will focus on some key points for early quality assesment that have been identified recently through collaborations between INRAE, URCA and the indutrials partners Fibres Recherche Développement (FRD) and la Chanvrière, in order to secure the new value chains of textile and composite materials.

Kimmo RASA

Kimmo RASA

Research Manager, Senior Scientist, Biorefinery and bioproducts, Production systems, Natural Resources Institute Finland - LUKE

« Fiber sludge as soil improving material - from factory to the fields »

Presentation will provide a practical example how scientific research can facilitate transition towards circular bio-economy. The specific scope will be on organic side streams derived from the pulp & paper industry.



Senior Scientist, Biomass characterization and properties, Production Systems, Natural Resources Institute Finland - LUKE

« Sustainable fully biobased thermal insulation material for building application: A case study of Common Reeds (Phragmites australis) »

Presentation is condidential.


Chadi MAALOUF et Céline Badouard

Associate professor and PhD Student, Materials and Mechanical Engineering, UR MATIM - URCA

« Starch-based composites for construction (beet pulp, grape marc) »

This presentation will focus on one of MATIM's laboratory research axes, the development of biomaterials for the construction sector by valorizing agro-waste. New materials based on beetroot pulps and grape stalks will be presented in terms of elaboration and physical properties.



Associate Professor and PhD, Research and Teaching Assistant, Institute of Thermal Sciences, Mechanics, Materials, EA 7548 ITheMM - URCA

« Valorization of Biomass (flax shives and wood shavings) into Hydrogen or Synthesis gas by a Thermal Process »

The presentation will focus on the ITheMM’s research oriented towards the valorization of biomass and waste by using thermal processes. It will present the results obtained at the laboratory scale for the transformation of flax shives and wood chips biomass into synthesis gas and hydrogen through the coupling of two thermochemical processes: pyrolysis and catalytic reforming.