Incoming Students

A warm welcome to the Faculty of SEN (Natural and Exact Sciences) of Reims Champagne Ardenne University.

If you wish to come and study within the Faculty of SEN, you should carefully read this guide.

If you are a European student : Erasmus is your solution
To comply with the rules of this exchange programme, you must do the following:

Check that there is a bilateral agreement between your own university and ours in the field of studies in which you are interested. To find out whether such an agreement exists, please ask your International Relations Office and coordinator.

In the event of there being no bilateral agreement, you should consult the Exchange Programme Coordinator of your Department or Faculty. He/She may be able to arrange such an agreement with our university through the Erasmus+ Scheme. The University would consider carefully any such proposals.

You must complete the following forms with the help of your coordinator :

*Student application form (le Formulaire de candidature)
*Learning Agreement (le contrat d’études) for semester 1 or/and semester 2
*Language certificate (B1 in French is required)
*Soon, we’ll be using a new tool called Mobility Online to make your application easier.

After completing and signing the above forms, they must be counter-signed by both the Erasmus Coordinator and the International Relations Institutional Coordinator of your university before being sent to the University of Reims for approval.

As soon as you have received an answer from Reims University, please contact the International Relations Office. We will be glad to answer all your questions and to provide you with all the information you need.

If you are a student from outside Europe and there is a bilateral agreement with the URCA :

contact your local coordinator.

If you are a student from outside Europe and there is no agreement between your University and the University of Reims:

Read this procedure.

You need to register on CAMPUS France website.
The whole process of registration is done online and explained on the website.
The SES (Service des Enseignements et de la Vie Etudiante = Student Life and Studies Service) can also help you.
The description of our degrees and diplomas is available on the website.

If you are a student from QUEBEC = the BCI programme is the solution

There are also other bilateral agreements
To get the most up-to date information about these, check on the University of Reims website.
You will find more information available on the University website in the International Student Guide (in French or in English). Discover the Buddy system to get the help of a local student when you arrive.


Please note that your level of French must be good enough to communicate, to take down notes and to take the exams (B1 is required and B2 recommanded). See the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the assessment grid .

SEN (Natural and Exact Sciences)

All available courses of our school can be found on our site

The International French Learning Centre = le Centre International d'Etudes Françaises (CIEF)
To learn French (other information). See information in English.

Address :
Campus du Moulin de la Housse,
Chemin des Rouliers, Bât. 5ter, 51100 REIMS
Telephone number : + 33 (0)3 26 91 81 95
e-mail :

The House of Languages : to learn French and other languages.

The Moulin de la Housse CAMPUS

Some useful information :

The registration fees in 2017-2018 for students not taking part into an exchange programme as European citizens were:

Academic registration : from 184€ for a Bachelor's Degree to 391€ for a PhD

Social Security is mandatory if you are 20 within the academic year.

Mutual insurance (not mandatory, see LMDE or MGEL)

Preventive Medecine, Sport – SUAPS will be included into “La contribution Vie Etudiante

Sport - SUAPS (optional) : 29€

A room in a hall of residence : from 217€ (shared room) or 244€ (single room).

A whole lunch or dinner at the university canteen run by the CROUS : 3.25€

The CROUS (Centre for Regional University and Social Aid = Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Sociales) runs many services and facilities :
to find accommodation and discover much more useful information and advice, go to the CROUS, click on the "International " tab and read all you can find before coming to France.
tel: +33 3 26 50 59 11 and

The CROUS address in Reims :
14 allée des Landais
51100 REIMS
Tel: +33 3 26 50 59 00 / fax: +33 3 26 59 59 29


If you have booked a room, it is very important to confirm your arrival date as soon as possible !

Here are the Halls of Residences, Council flats accommodations, and you can also book accommodation for a short stay or find accommodation in the city (rent service, private owners' flats)

Important : Housing allowances exist, you can get advice from the CAF (Caisse d'Allocations familiales) :
CAF - 20 rue du Ruisselet - 51100 REIMS

Here are the CROUS University Restaurants and cafeterias
The price of a complete meal for lunch or dinner at the university restaurant is 3,25€.

Administrative Services

SUMPPS - The Preventive Medicine Service
Medical teams are on the Campus to help you if need be. Building n°8 - Sciences campus - tel: 03 26 91 83 20 (see more information)

Social Security Insurance
Please, read carefully the document of the French Social Security, you'll find some useful tips.

Having a social insurance is mandatory when you are 20 within the academic year except if you are "ayant-droit" which means that you are beneficiary from your parent's insurance.

The annual contribution Vie Etudiante is 90€. You may have to choose a Student Mutual Insurance : LMDE or MGEL.

Scholars or students taking part into an exchange programme as European citizens don't pay neither registration fees nor social insurance except in certain situations. Please make sure you get your European Health Insurance Card before leaving your country.

Mission Handicap : Aid to Disabled Students
Explanations in French or in English. Amélie BAILLAT, office 3014 (Croix-Rouge Campus),

tel: 03 26 91 81 00 or 06 45 85 53 43 or

Students organizations
Discover them here. They organize various events and activities such as welcoming new students at the beginning of the academic year, running theme days (about health, traffic control...) and parties.
Among these, you'll find associations devoted to international students .

SUAPS (Service Universitaire des Activités Physiques et Sportives)

SUAPSis a service that offers sports activities to students. The annual fee is included into the Contribution vie étudiante.
Various sport activities managed by Sport and Physical Education professors are offered : Aquagym, African dance, Fitness, Football, Golf, Bodybuilding, Tennis, Squash, Archery...and even Horse-riding (see the CERUC)
Tel. and fax : 03 26 91 34 17 or

SUAC (Service Universitaire des Activités Culturelles)
SUAC is a university service offering cultural activities : SUAC acts in concert with the CROUS cultural department, it confirms the integration of cultural and artistic amateur practices into the academic curriculum helping and encouraging it on campuses.
It runs theme evenings, concerts, exhibitions and theatrical plays.
Tel. : 03 26 91 81 48 or

BVE (Bureau de la Vie Etudiante)
The BVE helps students to build an artistic or cultural project. Don't hesitate to contact the service.
Tel. : 03 26 91 86 59 or

University Library
Students can borrow books from the library and also find other documents (magazines, work placement or laboratory training period reports, research thesis, CDs...), documents can be printed. There are Computer rooms, free access to the Internet. Information about the use of these facilities is available from the library desk.

SAE (Service d'Orientation et d'Information Universitaire)
Information in French.

DRI (The International Relations Service of Reims Champagne Ardenne University)
Follow these links to find the address, the news, the International Student guide and the Facebook page.
International students, if you don't take part into an exchange programme, see this page.
Contact :


REIMS: the city
You'll find full information on Wikipedia, on the city website, at the Tourism Office.

Full information on Wikipedia, the region tourism office, other tourist information, the local TV, Gastronomy,
The Champagne wine (see this video and others), the weather forecast.

from Paris to Reims, Reims buses and Tramway, les Taxis de Reims (1, cour Gare 51100 Reims / 03 26 47 05 05, near the railway station)

Many activities are available in Reims : les "Maisons de Quartiers" and Sports and leisure activities.

Discover the Cartonnerie, the Opéra, the Comédie, the Palais des Congrès and Parc des Expositions, the cinemas and the Libraries.

And also Joan of Arc festival (Fêtes johaniques), the Flâneries Musicales, Reims Christmas market (video), Twinned cities.

Don't miss that : "Rêve de couleurs"


Fancy a walk ? See the Faux de Verzy (and here), the Reims mountain regional park.


Exchange Programme Coordinator in SEN : Mrs Danielle NUZILLARD

Campus Moulin de la Housse
International Relations (relays the Head Office)
Mrs Pascale CLIQUOT
Moulin de la Housse - Bâtiment 01
B.P. 1039- 51687 REIMS CEDEX2 - FRANCE
Tél: +33 326 918 581
E-mail :