Learning Alliances

Following the AMSE-AMCE-WAER congresses of Marrakech and Monterrey, researchers in education believe in the importance and relevance of specific activities dedicated to the concept of educational alliances within the themes approached during the biannual events of the association. Actually, within important issues such as academic engagement and learning success, in a context of globalization, we observe a growth in the number of players in the educational field as well as a wider range of educational situations.

The researchers concerned by this topic want to create a special interest group within AMSE-AMCE-WAER dedicated to educational alliances.

“Learning Alliances” committee Members
Emilio Aliss (Bolivia)
Olivier Delévaux (Switzerland)
Jean-Luc Gilles (Switzerland)
François Guité (Canada)
Ghislain Plunus (Belgium)
Pierre Potvin (Canada)
Chantal Tièche (Switzerland)

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