How to register ?

REGISTRATION TO THE CONFERENCE: As with the submissions of communications and symposia, each participant must register onto the Conftool system at the following address:

REGISTRATION OF THE ACCOMPYING PERSONS: Link for the accompying persons. Please indicate the name of the attendee you are accompying in the comment section.

CAREFUL : you must use different email addresses if you register for you and your accompaying persons if you pay by credit card.

Payment options

The authorised paiement options are: credit card, cheque (France only), international bank transfer (beware, this option requires an extra fee of 25 €).

If you choose to pay credit card or cheque,you will be redirected to a second system on the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne website. For security reasons, you must enter your options a second time before paying.

If you decide to add option afterwards, you can do it from January. However, you will need a different email address.

ABOUT INTERNATIONAL BANKING TRANSFER : please add the following details in the remarks section of your wire transfert order : AMSE 2012 and the name(s) of the participant(s) linked to that tranfert.

Financial Aids

The Organizing committee of the 17th Conference of AMSE-AMCE-WAER is currently working withits institutional partners to provide to researchers from the South with a financial aid that would cover the cost of registration to the event. The website will be updated in the next few weeks with more information.

Until then, we recommend you to contact the AUF office in your region.


Refunds: you may cancel your registration and have a full refund with no cancelation fee until March 15th 2012. After that date, no refund can be claimed. Banking fees, if required, will be charged to the participant.