Evaluation in the field of Education / Formation

Following the AMSE-AMCE-WAER congresses of Marrakech and Monterrey, researchers in education believe in the importance and relevance of specific activities dedicated to the concept of evaluation within the themes approached during the biannual events of the association. Actually, in a context of globalization, we observe a salience of activities linked to evaluation whether it is for individuals, communities, institutions, programs&helli

In order to take into account those concerns, these researchers have already put together a special interest group dedicated to this topic.

“Evaluation of complex performances” committee Members
Emilio Aliss (Bolivia)
Jean-Guy Blais (Canada)
Jean-Luc Gilles (Switzerland)
Pierre Ramelot (Belgium)
Salvatore Tinnirello (Belgium)

To join this group, please contact the supervisor here.

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