Principal topics

The principal topics of the conference are :

· A - Basic MHD

A.1 Convection and heat transfer in MHD
A.2 Dynamo
A.3 Instability and transition to turbulence
A.4 Jets and surface waves
A.5 Modeling of MHD turbulence
A.6 Numerical and experimental methods
A.7 Strong magnetic field
A.8 Novel MHD problems and applications
A.9 Reviews and history

· B - Thermoacoustic

B.1 Linear and nonlinear theory (Streaming, tee-branch, turbulence, etc.)
B.2 Modelling and numerical simulation 2D and 3D
B.3 Heat Sources, Heat transfer in thermoacoustic
B.4 Heat pipe for thermoacoustic devices for high or low temperature
B.5 Engines for refrigeration, air conditioning electrical power
B.6 High and low heat source temperature and power scaling
B.7 Thermo acoustics for space missions (e.g. propulsion, cooling, etc.)
B.8 Review and history of applied thermoacoustic devices

· C - Space technologies

C.1 MHD: possible uses and problems
C.2 Containment of liquid metals
C.3 Fluid based heat transport systems
C.4 Handling of high power dissipations (kW to MW)
C.5 Accommodation, insulation, and mitigation of vibrating equipments
C.6 Containment of molecular leaks in very long missions
C.7 Nuclear sources: testing, integration, launch and decommissioning
C.8 Reliability, safety, and cleanliness of TA and MHD
C.9 Electromagnetic cleanliness and mitigation
C.10 MHD thrusters and solar sails

· D - Liquid metal technologies for coolant applications

D.1 MHD pumps and Flow Control
D.2 Measuring techniques for liquid metal coolants
D.3 Corrosion by liquid metal
D.4 Liquid metal mixing

· E - Applied MHD for material application.

E.1 Metallurgical applications
E.2 Magneto-electrolysis
E.3 MHD in crystal growth
E.4 Electromagnetic processing of material
E.5 Electromagnetic levitation
E.6 Magneto static

· F - Ferrofluids

F.1 Magnetic liquids
F.2 Electrohydrodynamics
F.3 Magnetorheological suspensions
F.4 Magnetism, magnetic particles and biological applications

· G - MHD energy conversion

G.1 Gas-phase generators
G.2 Liquid phase generators
G.3 Coupled phenomena for novel generation processes
G.4 Non-equilibrium plasma for generation
G.5 Measurements in power generators
G.6 MHD Propulsion systems