Scientific project

The scientific project of the Federative Research Structure (FRS) CAP-Santé aims to bring together all teams of the two Health poles of the two founding Universities in 4 vertical research axes : Tumor Progression ; Infection / Immunity ; Aging and Repair; Neurosciences, supported by two cross-cutting thematics (Imaging; Quality of Life / Rehabilitation / Environment).

The FRS CAP-Santé is not a partitioned structure, but, instead, favors the cross-disciplinary approaches and scientific exchanges. Thus, some teams participate to several axes, when they match their areas of competence, indicating the willingness of transversality and collaborations between axes that characterizes the SFR.

Some thematics are particularly well developed within the FRS CAP-Santé :

-1 / Multiscale Imaging (molecular, cellular, tissue, small animal and medical imaging);
-2 / Characterization, design, isolation and synthesis of molecules with high therapeutic potential, particularly in cancer, inflammation, infection, neurological and cardiovascular pathological aging

-3 / Nanotechnology, nanomaterials and functionalized biomatrices .