The Federative Research Structure (FRS) “CAP-Santé” (“Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie-Santé”) was developed at the request of the authorities of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) and the University of Picardie-Jules Verne (UPJV), as a consequence of their union into a Research and Higher Education Pole (PRES) .
This project was an extension of the former Federative Research Institute No. 53, which, since its inception in 1996, brought together all the labelled research units of URCA’s Healthcare division around unifying transdisciplinary scientific projects.
Within the current Five-Year Contract between URCA/UPJV and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the two universities have sought to create a federative structure for promoting powerful and ambitious research, bringing together all the forces of the two Health Research founding bodies of the PRES, and leaning on their technical platforms and methodological skills. Close relationships with key partners such as the University Hospitals of Reims and Amiens and the Jean Godinot Institute of Reims (Regional Centre for the Fight against Cancer) will be developed within the Federative Research Structure.
This project, at the interface Biology / Chemistry / Imaging / Humanities and Social Sciences aims to develop a continuum between fundamental, applied and clinical research, for a true translational research, from the laboratory bench to bedside and vise versa. The Federative Research Structure “CAP- Santé” strongly supports the development of federative projects, the reception of young teams, including ATIP / AVENIR programs and Chairs of Excellence. It will develop strong partnerships with other interface structures such as the Federative Research Structure “Condorcet”, specialized in agricultural sciences.