Preparation and Submission of Abstracts

Please use the abstract template for your abstract submission then send both MS word1 and it’s PDF files2 in a ZIP files3 by e-mail to icms2017@univ-reims.fr before July 8, 2017 for an oral or poster communication. Please include your name in subject line and folder name, as well as your oral or poster preference.

You will receive a submission number (Please keep it, you will indicate it in the « Comment » area on the registration page).

Any question mail to icms2017@univ-reims.fr

Instructions for Oral Presenters

Oral presenters are requested to bring their presentation as a PowerPoint 2007 (or upper) file on a memory stick, and ensure that it is transfered to the display computer before the session starts.
Keynote Lectures are scheduled to maximum 30 min discussion included, and normal oral contributions are 25 min discussion included.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

The size of Posters should be 120 cm (height) X 90 cm (width) A0 format


1) Word MS format
2) PDF format
3) Word MS format + PDF format in ZIP file