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11th PAMIR International Conference
Fundamental and Applied MHD

Reims (France)
July 1 - 5 , 2019

Message from the chairmen

We are pleased to welcome you to the 11th PAMIR conference in the city of Reims,

an Art and History City with its UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The topics of this PAMIR Conference are the same as those of the past editions. Nevertheless with the usual topics there are some ones that have been only recently introduced such as thermoacoustic effects and the born-again interest for the MHD power generation. The introduction of new topics at each edition of this conference is the signal that MHD is still an expanding science and it needs to grow up. Most part of processes, devices and applications that will be presented in this conference are futuristic, but this is the nature of MagnetoHydroDynamics, which very often deals with unexplored territories of science and technology. The aim of this PAMIR edition is maintaining this tradition, and favouring new advances and transnational collaborations in this fascinating field of research.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Reims during PAMIR 2019 and to sharing a most pleasant, interesting and fruitful conference.


  • J.P. Chopart, France
  • A. Alemany, France


  • L. Buligins, Latvia
  • G. Gerbeth, Germany
  • A. Montisci, Italy

Organizing Committee:

  • A.L. Daltin
  • A. Alemany
  • J.P. Chopart
  • B. Collovati
  • J.M. Patat
  • F. Lazar
  • M. Stubner


  • B. Collovati, France
  • A.L. Daltin, France