Team 2: Matrix ageing and vascular remodeling

Team leaders: Pr L. DUCA and Dr S. JAISSON

Research topics:

Matrix ageing is enhanced in several pathophysiological contexts such as diabetes, chronic renal failure or atherosclerosis, which are regarded as models for accelerated ageing. Matrix ageing is characterized by increase of non-enzymatic protein post-translational modifications such as glycation or carbamylation and by the cleavage of crucial components for correct tissue function as elastin. These phenomena are especially pronounced during vascular degenerative complications. Our work is mostly focused on vascular remodeling, as it is responsible for increased vessel wall stiffness, formation of vascular calcifications and atherothrombosis.



  • Characterization of matrix ageing associated to vascular remodeling
  • Non enzymatic post-translational modifications
  • Elastin degradation
  • Functional aspects and mechanisms associated with vascular remodeling
  • Dynamics, functioning and signaling of receptors
  • Vascular calcifications
  • Small animal imaging
  • Numerical simulations / molecular modeling