MAgICS chair: Molecular modelling and Agro-resources: Ingredients, Cosmetics and Healthcare

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Plants are a prodigious source of ingredients and molecules that can act on health and ageing in the areas of nutrition, cosmetics and, of course, healthcare (ageing, cancers, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, skin diseases, gastric disorders, toxicological problems, etc)

Understanding and unravelling mechanisms of action from molecular to mesoscopic scales requires the use of numerical simulation and molecular modelling approaches.

The objectives of the chair are therefore to:

identify and characterise novel molecules by using innovative multiple screening approaches, and by understanding molecular mechanisms.
understand the modes of action of molecules and ingredients that have already been identified and for which there are currently no direct applications.

The implementation of dedicated digital tools and the use of data bases created by those working in this field or already available in the public domain lie at the heart of the MAgICS project. They make it possible not only to understand and interpret known experimental data in each scientific field involved, but also to suggest new interpretations, innovative industrial alternatives and/or novel compounds whose action can be tested and compared by expert experimental teams.

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Structure/Function/Dynamics Relationships, Molecular Interactions and Biological Consequences, Numerical Simulations, Molecular Modelling

Industrial partnerships:

Givaudan (in progress), Atos/Bull (in progress)

Scientific collaborations:

MEDyC CNRS (Pr. L. Martiny), ICMR (Pr. J-H. Renault), C2I2 Chair (Pr. M. Krajecki), AFERE Chair (INRA - Pr. C. Remond), ABI Chair at AgroParisTech (Pr. F. Allais), Chair of Biotechnologies at CentraleSupélec (Pr. P. Perré), Dr. L. Lins (Gembloux-Belgium), Pr. A. Matagne (ULG-Belgium), Pr. B. Bochicchio (Potenza, Italy), Pr. A. Bonvin (Utrecht - The Netherlands), etc.