C2I2 chair: Supercomputing and Industry

CI chaire C212 (PNG, 61 Ko)


The activities of the C2I2 chair are divided into three areas:

1. Supercomputing and teaching: CUDA Research Center and Master's Degree in High Performance Computing and Simulation
2. Supercomputing and research: the architecture of this supercomputer gives it computing performance in excess of 1018 flops.

3. Supercomputing and industry: supercomputing for SMEs, smart agriculture

These research activities are carried out on the ROMEO supercomputer.

Supported by the Investment Programme for the Future, ROMEO is currently France’s most powerful hybrid supercomputer.

The ROMEO mesocentre is also a major player in the SIMSEO Grand Est platform, which supports SMEs that use numerical simulation.

To get the most out of supercomputers such as ROMEO, it is necessary to master in advance the growing complexity of programming and communication languages designed for supercomputing.

The C2I2 chair is thus today helping to develop research in digital technologies supported not only by institutional players, but also by major industrial partners such as the CEA, ATOS Bull, Intel and NVIDIA, bringing together the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing and Big Data.

ROMEO is also a tool of choice available for AEBB research areas, since deep learning is now being used to develop new applications in smart agriculture.



High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT

Industrial partnerships:

CEA/Dam Ile de France, ATOS Bull, NVIDIA

Scientific collaborations:

GENCI, A*STAR National Supercomputing Centre (Singapore), Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP, Malaysia)