AQUASURV chair for the development of tools for biomonitoring aquatic environments

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A large number of pollutants produced by human activity finally end up in aquatic environments.

At the same time, the important services provided to society by aquatic environments, such as energy, water and food supply, as well as cultural services and amenities, today makes it essential to protect and restore them. There is thus a need for effective tools to assess and monitor their quality.

The AQUASURV chair’s activities focus on the implementation of sensitive, early-warning tools to monitor deterioration in the quality of water bodies, based on species representative of our hydrosystems.

These tools will minimise the economic risk of activities connected to such water bodies as well as long, costly remediation processes.

They will:

• facilitate ecotoxicological risk assessment and monitoring of aquatic environments.
• facilitate decision support for managers of such aquatic environments, provide information to users of water bodies, and help draw up regulatory public policies for improved management of risks to humans and the environment.

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Biomarkers, reprotoxicity, monitoring, resources, aquatic animals.

Scientific collaborations:

Institut National de l'Environnement Industriel et des Risques (French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks)