Transversal axis "Imaging": signal processing and image


Participating Teams: INSERM URMS 1105, CNRS FRE 3482, CNRS UMR 7312, EA 3804, EA 6291, EA 4682

Besides cellular imaging (microscopic aspects), this axis has a second aspect, more oriented toward medical imaging ( macro / mesoscopic aspects).

It is part of a cross-cutting position, providing tools for all teams of the SFR. Beyond this transverse function which must be of excellence, signal and image processing will be also developped and thus define a singular research dynamic that will beneficiate to its function of transversality. This dynamic can be found around technological tools that, although different, overlap extensively, mainly around software development. Thus one of the peculiarities of this axis, both at the URCA and UPJV, will be common approaches of various research topics at the interface of Information and Communication Technology Sciences (ICTS) and Health Sciences that are either underway or planned. Convergence around signal and image processing in the field of education should be fruitful.

Medical imaging :
A substantial complementarity exists between the two universities around a theme that can be called: processing and analysis of morphological and / or functional image sequences intra / inter modalities. This field of activity covers several clinical areas in conjunction with brain imaging, vascular imaging and oncology. It relies on techniques such as MRI, PET, SPECT , electrical and optical brain imaging . On a more technological level, various research activities have also been identified. They concern:

• multimodal data fusion
• segmentation and classification
• visualization and interpretation
• simulation
• knowledge engineering (BD)

On all these five points, it is noted the need to maintain a strong relationship between ICTS and Health Sciences. This relationship will include the development of dedicated tools, their applicabilities and validations. The capacity of valorization was also discussed, either by creating of a spin-off from the FRS, or through licensing of internally developed codes to FRS laboratories.

Cell and tissue imaging:
URCA and UPJV have a know-how of quality in the field of cell and tissue imaging, with specificities that should lead to competence transfers to carry out joint projects. When similar methodologies are located in the two universities, a common approach should lead to their development.