Axis 2: Infection and Immunity


Participating Teams: EA 4294, CNRS FRE 3517 (team THERA), EA 4666, EA 3800, EA 4688, EA 4683, EA 4682, EA4691, EA 4684, EA 4687.

Axis 2 is focused on the analysis of cellular and molecular responses to various infectious (bacteria, viruses, parasites) or physical (biomaterials, pollution)stresses and endogenous stimuli (dysimmunity, cancer ...). It aims (1) to elucidate the mechanisms of innate defense and adaptative response in the host - infectious agents interactions, (2) to analyze the process of resistance and persistence of infectious agents and (3) to determine the influence of the cell-microenvironment interactions on the regulation of the immune system.
The originality of this project lies in the integration of biological and mechanistic studies with clinical studies for the development of new diagnostic, therapeutic and vaccinal approaches. The identification, design and synthesis of new molecules targeting infectious diseases and immune pathologies enroll directly in this program, with high potential for translational research.

This project will be build upon the human resources and technical platforms of the two partner universities (IBiSA imaging platform, conventional and transgenic animal, cytometry and cell sorting, proteomics, ..), but also on the integration of several clinical teams from the University Hospitals of Reims and Amiens involved in the field of infection and immunity( Biological Resources Centers, Reference Centers for rare diseases, etc…). It also beneficiates from the involvement of teams specialized in molecular modeling, design and production of new pharmacological agents.