Axis 1: Control of tumor progression: from Biology to Clinic

Participating Teams: URMS INSERM 903, CNRS FRE 3481, CNRS UMR 7312, EA 4667 , EA 4666, EA 4682

All research teams in Biological and Health Sciences of the University of Reims-Champagne-Ardenne and the University of Picardie-Jules Verne have jointly developed a scientific project entitled "Control of tumor progression: From the Biology to the Clinic." This interdisciplinary project combines the skills of Biologists, Physiologists, Chemists, Biophysicists and Clinicians. It is focused on the study of the mechanisms of cell-microenvironment interactions, their regulations and the alterations that may occur in cancer, in order to propose new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.
The federation of human and technical resources from recognized research teams, some of which are associated with national organizations (CNRS, INSERM), and the developed research programs are based on complementarity and multi-scale approaches that extend from molecular interactions to in vivoexperiments and development of clinical research programs.

This project is part of a reflexion to open a multidisciplinary framework. It aims developing a high quality research with the goal of developing potential biological and clinical applications related to the phenotype of cancer cells, the tumor microenvironment, the anti-tumor immunity, cell and tissue imaging, molecular modeling and identification of new prognostic and diagnostic markers and new therapeutic targets.