Work package 5 : Characterization and cytotoxicological studies


The objective of this action will be to evaluate the physico-chemical properties of the various biosourced cargo ships (dendrimers and polymers) produced in the project (MT3). The surface-active properties as well as the properties with respect to the biological membranes of "virgin" cargo ships will be evaluated and compared to those of cargo ships containing the active ingredient. In parallel, a cytotoxicological study on the same systems will be carried out. Innovation for this module is also very important because specific methods will have to be developed since this type of molecule has never been the subject of such specific physico-chemical and cytotoxic studies. These studies will make it possible to define the most suitable and efficient cargo structure for cosmetic application. The cross-border added value of the action lies in the approach that will be developed between the French and Belgian partners, which will aim to study the relations between the structure of the cargo ships produced (French partners) and their functional (Belgian partner) and toxicological (French partner) properties. This will involve close collaboration between partners in the Interreg cross-border area throughout the duration of the project. The systems with the most interesting physico-chemical properties will be produced in sufficient quantities to be supplied to industrialists in the Interreg area who are potentially interested in evaluating them for cosmetic applications. The expected results are to demonstrate that the biosourced cargo ships produced in the project have original and sought-after properties for high value-added cosmetic applications.