International Summer School 2015

International Summer School 2015


Rheims University, France, 21-25 June 2015

Organized jointly by
IRCS (International Research Center on Sustainability)
SENSE (Netherlands Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment).

This course is specifically designed for doctoral students, including pre-docs, post-docs and young scholars, who wish to further explore urban agriculture, discuss cutting-edge research with peers and established scholars alike and develop specific skills such as presenting and discussing their own research with scholars, developing abstracts and discussing the research of other scholars in the make.

Confirmed Lecturers

Christopher Bryant (University of Montreal, Canada), Pierre Donadieu (Versailles National Landscape School, France), Eric Duchemin (University of Quebec, Canada), Ulrike Grabski-Kieron (University of Münster, Germany), François Mancebo (Rheims University, France), Kari de Pryck (Sciences Po, France), Michele Talia (University of Camerino, Italy), Luca Tasciotti (Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands), Roland Vidal (Versailles National Landscape School, France), Esther Veen (Wageningen University, Netherlands) and Sylvain Villère (Reims Métropole, France)


Urban Agriculture - Sustainable Urban Planning - City Regions - Food and Agriculture Systems - Urban and Periurban Agriculture- Socio Environmental Systems - Food Strategies - Land Use Planning - Alternative Food Network - Urban Agriculture Systems - Planning and Controversies - Urban-Rural Continuum - Urban Development Projects - Subsistence Farming - Local Food - Agro-Urban Industry


Urban Studies - Regional Planning - Geography - Sociology - Political Science - Economy - Agronomy - Environmental Sciences - Sustainability Science - any discipline related to cities and sustainability


Jon Marco Church - Organizer -