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The team in charge of development of the AEBB cluster is made up of three people:

Hélène LACROIX, Director of Development for the cluster

Pauline RAPINAT, Engineer

and Mélanie VANIN, Administrative Manager for the cluster


The mission of the cluster's development department is to contribute to the development of the research cluster's activity, in every way possible.

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  • Developing regional, national, international, public, private, academic and industrial partnerships
  • Developing training
  • Financial development: contract, foundations, the research tax credit (ICR), etc
  • Developing communication, promotion and outreach: media, events, representation, scientific popularisation
  • Developing the consistency of research activities
  • Developing projects that interface with the other three poles
  • Developing the organisation and coordination of all our activities


  • Contributing to the stimulation of research in line with the University's strategic priorities
  • Promoting and organising the pursuit of external funding both on a strictly academic level as well as regarding the development of research work for businesses and industrial chairs,
  • Ensuring the link between URCA and the member institutions of the Champagne-Ardenne Higher Education and Research network concerning our research areas,
  • Formalising, organising and overseeing partnerships with businesses in the region and the IAR competitiveness cluster,
  • Defining and implementing policy for hosting scientific events,
  • Contributing to the University's communication strategy (internally and externally) regarding our research areas, and ensuring the University's visibility on the academic level,
  • Taking part in teaching and/or scientific outreach activities,
  • Representing the institution in its relations with institutional partners and at various events.