Extracellular Matrix and Cell Dynamics MEDyC (2)

Unit Presentation

In the development of these studies, we focus on cross-cutting approaches at the Biohysics-Biology-Bioinformatics interface by combining biological methods (biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, ...), biophotonics (confocal microscopy, 3D and 4D imaging, infrared and Raman spectroscopies...) and molecular modeling (homology modeling, molecular dynamics, molecular docking and molecular interactions studies). The support of several high level technological platforms (Romeo supercomputer, multiscale molecular modeling, small animals imaging, cell and tissue imaging), that where initiated in our group, proves a valuable asset to the approaches we develop. We identify new drug targets and new molecules with high potential for therapeutic applications (anti-tumor matrikines, anti-aging molecules) for a pharmacology targeted to the extracellular matrix, and develop new tools for the diagnosis and prognosis.

For the next five-year grant, our attention will still be focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms that govern the interactions between the cell and its microenvironment. MEDyC has the ambition to finalize a reorganization which begun 2 years ago, and to establish its strategy based on its areas of expertise within the regional, national and international environment :
- At the Unit level, the individualization of a "Molecular Modeling and Multiscale Imaging" (MIME) team will allow to combine bioinformatics and virtualization approaches, using molecular spectroscopy experimental studies, to propose solutions and tools for the exploration of complex systems at the different scales which characterize the living matter.
- At the Champagne Ardenne region level, MEDyC will naturally fit in the strategic axes that led to the definition of the Smart Specialisation Strategy, particularly “aging” and “quality of life” axes.
- At the national level, MEDyC is a reference entity, widely recognized in the field of extracellular matrix biology, with many academic and industrial collaborations.
- At the international level, MEDyC beneficiates of a strong recognition that results from a network of collaborations and strong partnerships that led to good level of publications and to the obtention of european research grants.

Altogether, MEDyC develops an interdisciplinary research project and original approaches and methodologies at the physics-biology-bioinformatics interface to apprehend the molecular mechanisms supporting cell-extracellular matrix interactions. Our works enable the identification of new relevant biomarkers and innovative therapeutic assets that could contribute to the implementation of alternative strategies to current treatments

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Professor François Xavier Maquart, Director of the Unit
Professor Laurent Martiny, Deputy Director