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2-nd International WORKSHOP “Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Ozone and Related Atmospheric Species”

University of Reims - Reims - FRANCE

Wednesday, October 2nd – Friday, October 4th, 2013

The 2-nd International Workshop “Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Ozone and Related Atmospheric Species” will be held in Reims, France from October 2nd to October 4th 2013, in the conference hall of the Hotel "De La Paix".
The Workshop is organized by the «Groupe de Spectroscopie Moléculaire et Atmosphérique» (GSMA) laboratory of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne and the "CentreNational de Recherche Scientifique" (CNRS, UMR 7331).

Scientific program:

Contributions will take the form of oral presentations and will cover the following topics:

  • Laboratory measurements and spectral analyses of ozone and/or molecules involved in the ozone atmospheric cycle.
  • Electronic structure calculations, potential-energy surfaces and non-adiabatic effects in ozone.
  • Theoretical models for describing the ozone rovibrational states.
  • Ozone dynamics: formation, decomposition, and photodissociation.
  • Isotopic effects in ozone.
  • Chemical reactivity along the ozone cycle, in situ atmospheric balloon and satellite measurements.
  • Databases related to ozone spectroscopy and dynamics.

Special session devoted to the “IDEO”ANR ozone project will be organized as well.


Pre-registration informations can be sent by email to local coordinator ( before July, 15th. Name, affiliation, email and preliminary title of intended talk should be included.


Registration fee: 200€ before September, 6th 2013 and 250€ after this date.

Abstracts submission:

Abstract submission deadline is September 10th.
Proposals for the email address list, requests for the participation and the abstracts (maximum 1 page) in *.pdf , and *.tex or *.doc format are to be submitted to ( The abstract book will be available in electronic format.

Format of the workshop:

The format of the workshop is planned to be similar to that of the 1-st workshop which was held in Reims in 2011, see the site of the previous edition for some more detail :,12040,21613.html?

Conference venue:

All the Workshop sessions will take place at the conference facilities of the Hotel "De La Paix",Best-Western-Hotel-De-La-Paix,93385, located in the centre of Reims, France.

Accommodation / arrival / departure:

The format of this small Workshop as well as the capacity of the hotel conference hall allow for a limited number of participants (max. 50). Hotel booking has to be done by the participants themselves: a wide range of hotels is available in the centre of Reims (see links below):
The Workshop program is planned to start on October 2nd at 12 pm and close on October 4th in the afternoon.

Local Organizing Committee :

Maud Rotger (coordinator) and the GSMA spectrocopy team.

Scientific Board:

Vladimir Tyuterev (coordinator)
Alain Barbe,
Alain Campargue,
Jean-Marie Flaud,
Christof Janssen,
Semen Mikhailenko,
Johannes Orphal,
Maud Rotger,
Reinhard Schinke,
Peter Szalay