GIREP-ICPE-MPTL Conference 2010

August 22-27, 2010
Reims, France


International Conference:

Teaching and Learning Physics today:
Challenges? Benefits?

During the last 15 years, in most countries, the popularity of physics among students has been low and the enrolment has declined. Different approaches have been proposed to confront this situation, both at school and university levels. It seems that some of them have been successful. We hope that our conference will offer an opportunity for in-depth discussions of this topic and for sharing our experiences in order to move forward in this field.

Sundial [cadran solaire]in the center of Reims
Sculpture - Christian Renonciat "la pierre d'heures", 1992

picto attention Free Circulation of Scientist : To secure IUPAP sponsorship, the organizers have provided assurance that GIREP-ICPE-MPTL - 2010 Reims International Conference “Teaching and Learning Physics Today: Challenges Benefits?” will be conducted in accordance with IUPAP principles as stated in the IUPAP resolution passed by the General Assembly in 2008. In particular, no bona fide scientist will be excluded from participation on the grounds of national origin, nationality, or political considerations unrelated to science.

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