Discover Reims

People from all five continents come here to, its riches and its secrets. It has to be said that champagne and the cathedral make of the “City of coronations” a destination famous throughout the world. UNESCO has inscribed its monuments and its most emblematic symbols on the List of World Heritage buildings. These include the Cathedral and its famous smiling angel, the Tau palace, Saint Rémi abbey and from 2015, Champagne Slopes, Houses and Cellars.

Its human scale allows you to savour its charm in only a few hours. The ideal thing nevertheless is to saunter in its streets lined with magnificent buildings on which Art Déco and Art Nouveau have left their mark

Its identity has been forged over two thousand years, marked by some of the most important events in the history of France. Royal coronations (25 king were coronated in Reims) have taken place here from 816 to 1825 and World War I, which obliterated Reims almost totally, brought martyrdom to the town. Fortunately, the 20th century has clothed it with a new beauty as it has been reconstructed.

During the noughties the arrival of the high-speed train and the implantation of the tramway system have brought about the complete overhaul of the urban infrastructure, the creation of quarters, the coming of new inhabitants and the setting up of around 200 businesses since 2003.

The future of Greater Reims, the contours of which are being sketched out gradually, is being written in the areas of bio economy, car making, pharmacy, tourism, champagne, gastronomy and culture. Among its 300 000 inhabitants many shine in their chosen career outside the borders of France.

Radiant, Effervescent, Inventive, Mysterious and Smiling, Reims vibrates with a flamboyant energy and a precious territory.

(Pictures and Tourist Information: Reims Tourist Board)